GOLDEN HONORARY MEDAL - NAVY ( NATO/ above average performance)

Military training in scenario-based risk assessment and tactical approach


Culinary Business Development Manager & High End Gastronomy Expert

Koppert Cress B.V.

MB-2681 Monster, The Nederlands


We are smart world GUIDE        2019-today    

Chefs Association Austria        2014-today


Via delle Rose / VDR LOFT Moscow Russia

Vakkaru Island - Maldives



Nepal Bala/ Solokhumbu District - Built 4 School buildings for 144 children and complete care for 26 orphan kids


Uganda, Botswana, Madagascar, Cameroon, Austria, Guatemala, Nepal, Congo, Tibet, Tasmania,Venezuala, Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Indonesia, Bali, Papua-New Guinea, Denmark, Chile,

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About Rani Chatoorgoon

I am a child born to immigrant parents, raised in the west but grounded in an ancient culture of the east. An independent singer, songwriter and recording artist, my musical voice is a harmonious blend of these two seemingly different sides of my upbringing but remains an honest reflection of the person I have become. Recognizing and respecting the balance that must exist within this world, my music has been inspired by both the light and dark and my greatest wish is that through my music, we connect with each other on a level that transcends our differences so that we may exist in harmony with each other, and the planet on which we live.


From the moment I met Marcel, we instantly connected on a spiritual level. The utopian vision he believed in for this world, one of balance, of respect and love, mirrored the philosophy that has driven me in this life. As I learned more about his mission, I was inspired to create an original song in honour of the greatest creator of all, and the entity at the centre of Marcel's mission - Mother Earth.

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About Claudia Piller-Kornherr

“All we have is now” is probably the sentence that drives me the most. Because who knows what tomorrow will be? I am a real Viennese child with an early affinity for language and the written word. Grew up with "Spatzenpost, Nöstlinger, Ringelnatz and Falco" as literary entry-level drugs. I am a ghostwriter, copywriter, author, systemic coach, volunteer, traveler, hedonist. I am fascinated by people, their relationships with one another, their development opportunities.

I am interested in real encounters, prefer to think in terms of solutions instead of poring over problems, and I stand for cooperation rather than against one another. I don't believe in chance encounters.

That's why I didn't hesitate for a minute when Marcel Thiele asked me to be the co-author of his first book. How could I have evaded his enthusiasm, his research spirit, his sparkling idealism? What connects us both? Determined by curiosity about life, a longing for the distance and the belief that each and every one of us has to make the world a better place.


Credit:  Thomas Strini